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Dadi Freyr Biography

Dadi Freyr Biography












Dadi Freyr Biography

Dai Freyr Pétursson, an Icelandic musician residing in Berlin, Germany (born June 30, 1992), also goes by the names Dai Freyr or just Dai. Before the competition was postponed owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, he was slated to represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 as the frontman of Dai & Gagnamagni (Icelandic: Dai og Gagnamagni [ta kaknamakn]). Instead, he placed fourth when representing Iceland at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “10 Years.”


Dai was raised in Denmark until he was nine years old, at which point his family moved to Iceland and settled in the Southern Region, initially in Laugaland and then in sahreppur. Dai was born in Reykjavik.


Dai obtained a diploma from the “College of the Southern Region,” Fjölbrautaskóli Suurlands, in 2012, and a BA in music management and audio production from Berlin in 2017.


Dadi Freyr Music Career

Dai studied bass guitar, piano, and drums as a young man. RetRoBot is the band he and his friend Kristján Pálmi co-founded. Later, the band was joined by guitarist Gumundur Einar Vilbergsson and singer Gunnlaugur Bjarnason, whom he had met in the South Iceland Multicultural School.

RetRoBot won the Msktilraunir (“Music Experiments”) in 2012, and Dai was named the year’s top electronic musician. A year later, RetRoBot issued one album, Blackout.


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