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Just released another fix for Sketchware Pro Public Beta 5, @Beta testers! It’s named Public Beta 5 fix1 (might be kinda long?).


Included fixes:

– Using dx/merging DEX files work again on Android 7 devices.

– Native library Manager shouldn’t crash on pre-API 24 devices anymore.




– (Hopefully) No more “Can’t toast on a thread that has not called Looper.prepare()” errors.

– The app’s design was restored back to vanilla Sketchware’s looks!

– Trying to export a project should work again.







– v6.3.0’s Code Editor just showing “lol” instead of the actual filename. (yes that was me testing out stuff)

– Blocks Manager should not complain anymore about Custom Blocks which want to inherit the palette’s color.







Sketchware pro apk download

Some non-fix changes:

– Restoration of the old app icon from v6.3.0! It got updated though, and now is an Adaptive icon!

– Variables in Logic Editor are now grouped by their type (Number, String, Boolean, Custom Variable)

– v6.3.0’s setting “Show all variable blocks” actually shows all Variable-related blocks instead of every single one of Views and Components, the older v6.4.0’s behaviour is now a separate setting


(Last repository commit at release: dcb0ed2d32f3134b4ebe018a28621fe258dc88df)






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