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Eleanor Waldorf Gossip Girl, Biography, Net Worth, Designs

Eleanor Waldorf Gossip Girl, Biography, Net Worth, Designs












Eleanor Waldorf Biography

Eleanor Wheaton Waldorf-Rose appears in both the book series and the television adaptation of Gossip Girl. In the 2021 television revival, she made a one-off appearance.


Eleanor Waldorf is Blair Waldorf’s fashion-forward mother. Florencia Lozano plays her in the pilot, and Margaret Colin plays her in every episode after that.


Eleanor made a total of 34 appearances on the show.


Blair’s mother’s name is Eleanor. She remarries Cyrus Rose after divorcing Harold Waldorf and gives birth to their baby girl Yale shortly after. Blair and she have a tense relationship at times, but she works hard to be a patient and open-minded mum.

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She is shown to be a little sloppy and not as well-dressed as Blair like, which irritates Blair.

Eleanor Waldorf Family

  • Cyrus Rose (Husband)
  • Harold Waldorf (Ex-Husband)
  • Blair Waldorf (daughter)
  • Tyler Waldorf (son)
  • Yale Waldorf-Rose (daughter)

Eleanor Waldorf Quotes

“Bendel’s will legitimize this company. It will take everything to the next level. You know how hard I have worked for that. You’ve always been my biggest supporter, my biggest fan-” -Eleanor

Eleanor Waldorf Net Worth (Margret Colin)


Margaret Colin began her professional acting career in 1976 and has a total of 34 acting credits. Margaret has amassed a sizable nett worth as a result of her roles in numerous films and television series.


Margaret rarely speaks about her personal life, and as a result, she has kept her nett worth a secret. As a result, various publications report a different figure for her nett worth.




According to some sources, her nett worth in 2022 will be approximately $4 million, while others believe it will be $5 million. She is a millionaire and lives a luxury lifestyle, regardless of her exact nett worth.


According to Salary, the average pay for an actor in the United States is roughly $57, 060, so she could be earning something similar.






















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