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Izzar So Episode 80 Original

Izzar So Episode 80 Original









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Hello everyone here is izzar so episode 80 you can now watch it and download it as mp4. Izzar so is a hausa Nigerian movie which has many fans across Africa and world at total.

Izzar so 80

Izzar so episode 80 is now available on YouTube and you can download it via vidmate.


How to download izzar so via vidmate ? We will post tutorial on how to download any YouTube video with vidmate.


Also we will post a tutorial on how to download Facebook videos. Izzar so stared Lawan Ahmad, Aisha Najamu, Ali Nuhu, Meenal da dai sauran su.


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Thank you for watching this episode 79 next week izzar so episode 81 will be out inshaallah.


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Review in Izzar so film series

Izzar so episode 80

Izzar so film series is one of the most popular hausa film in west Africa and some part of east Africa.





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