Nasr Salah Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Relationship with Salah

Nasr Salah Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Relationship with Salah










Nasr Salah Biography

Salah Al-Din bin Muhammad bin Nasr bin Sayed Ahmed Al-Nujumi bin Hilal Al-Shuwaikh From: the Judham tribe 1920 – 1982 , Chief of Egyptian Intelligence between the years 1957 – 1967 .


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Salah Nasr is considered the most famous head of the Egyptian intelligence and has a prominent role in raising the status of the Egyptian General Intelligence. During his reign, many successful operations were carried out. His middle-ranking family wished to become a doctor, but he preferred to enter the military school to graduate as an officer. Some claim that he was complaining of a psychological complex towards women that increased the deviation of his behavior. And it goes back to his marriage to the wife of his deceased uncle Abdullah Nasr, who was about 20 years older than him, and how he treated him as a student and as one of her children, so he turned this knot into a humiliation for all people, especially women.



Salah Nasr with his son



Salah Nasr was born on October 8, 1920 in the village of Santmai , the center of Mit Ghamr , Dakahlia Governorate . His father was the first to obtain a higher education from their village. Salah was the eldest of his brothers, so he was distinguished as a firstborn son in relation to his father and mother.. Salah received his primary education in Tanta School. Elementary and secondary education in several schools due to the movement of his father from one town to another. He studied in Tanta Secondary Schools, Qena Secondary School, and Bamba Qaden Secondary School in Cairo. He grew up in his middle class and spent his childhood and youth in the city of Tanta . He saw the keenness of his father and mother to pray and fast , so he was keen on them The first gift he received from his father was a “Norton” camera for twelve piasters in 1927.


Entry to the Military College

Between 1935 and 1936, Salah Nasr was studying in the governorate of Qena in southern Egypt and got to know a lot about Upper Egypt and fascinated him as Aswan , Luxor, Dandara, Edfu and Kom Ombo. During this time, many events were witnessed by Salah Nasr and affected by it, including the outbreak of the Second World War, the coalition ministry, the ministry of Hussein Serri, the incident of February 4, 1942, martial laws, the division of the delegation, the writing of Makram Obaid in the black book against copper, the dismissal of the Copper Ministry, the assassination of Ahmed Maher, and then the United Nations resolution to partition PalestineAnd the 1948 war and the delegation’s return to power.. The political life in Egypt was turbulent at that time, and the youth was rebellious looking for a role. Salah Nasr had been a friend of Abdel Hakim Amer since 1938 while they were studying at the Military College, and in one of Amer and Nasr’s meetings, Amer opened him to join the organization The Free Officers, then Salah Nasr was enthusiastic about the idea and joined the organization, and Gamal Abdel Nasser was teaching them the subject of administrative affairs at the Military College .


On the night of the July 23, 1952 revolution, Salah Nasr led the 13th Battalion, in which most of the Free Officers were, and Abdel Nasser appointed him on October 23, 1956, as deputy chief of intelligence, and Ali Sabry was director of intelligence . Abdel Nasser, then appointed him head of the Egyptian General Intelligence on May 13, 1957 and appointed Ali Sabry as Minister of State and Zakaria Mohieldin as Minister of the Interior. Thus began the rise of Salah Nasr, he was arrested and submitted his resignation three times. The first resignation was the result of the resignation of Field Marshal Amer in 1962Because Salah Nasr sided with the Field Marshal, even though Salah Nasr was an honest mediator in the dealings between the two friends, Nasser and Amer, and he was the one who convinced Amer to return, and the second resignation was due to the issue of the Muslim Brotherhood, where Nasser wanted to delegate it to the General Intelligence, and he was sentenced after committing suicide Or he killed Abdel Hakim Amer for life, but he was able to escape to Switzerland, and he was sentenced as a result of his behavior and destructive operations in the Egyptian youth, his torture of scholars and thinkers and accusing them of communism.


The beginning of his career in intelligence

On October 23, 1956, Gamal Abdel Nasser summoned him and asked him to go to the General Intelligence to become deputy director. The director at the time was Ali Sabri .


Several months later, Ali Sabri became Minister of State. Salah Nasr assumed the presidency of the apparatus on May 13, 1957, and it is known that he was director of the office of Abdel Hakim Amer , Gamal Abdel Nasser’s deputy and commander of his armed forces, and he is an officer of July 23But he also used his position to bring money, as he was threatening businessmen with nationalizing their property in exchange for paying half of their wealth, and he was smuggling his money to Switzerland, to which he then fled and killed many art men to seize their women. He was in control of recruiting most of the artists and actresses and using them as prostitutes and exploiting them to fabricate accusations. He nationalized the properties of the singer and composer Mohamed Fawzy, who built for Egypt the best record company and production companies that ruined many institutions, companies and factories after their nationalization


His role in building Egyptian intelligence

Building the Egyptian intelligence service required huge costs of money and experience, and the most dangerous of that was the provision of highly trained human competencies. The trainings were the first problems faced by the nascent apparatus.


Salah Nasr was able, through his direct contacts with the heads of the intelligence services in some countries of the world, to provide great assistance, Salah reserved. The only victory was the fear of sending missions abroad in huge numbers so that none of the intelligence services in the world would be able to hack the device with its origins or plant some of its agents in it.


So Salah Nasr was satisfied with sending VIPs inside the device with a few numbers to receive experiences and return to transfer them in turn to the employees of the device, and the device was able, with its own effort, to search for technical equipmentWhich enabled him to achieve his goals, and Salah Nasr overcame the financing problem when he established a transportation company with a capital of 300,000 Egyptian pounds, transferring its profits to the intelligence service, and when Salah Nasr informed Gamal Abdel Nasser about this company, he asked him to increase its capital and agreed with him to pay 100 One thousand pounds as a contribution to the capital, provided that Abdul Hakim Amer pays another amount from the army , and the profits of the company are divided among the three parties.


After that, Salah Nasr focused on defining his main activities and tasks, especially since the Military Intelligence reports to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the General Investigations have another role in internal security. So the only intelligence task was to collect, analyze and present information to the decision maker.


Israel has been a preoccupation with this apparatus since its establishment, so Salah Nasr, from the first moment of his in the intelligence, collected everything that was written about Israel and the Mossad and read it, as the intelligence during this period carried out its most important operations against Israel, those operations that later became taught at the International Intelligence Institute of the most famous of those operations, the most important of which is the operation Lutz , who was arrested in 1965 .


Exploitation of women in his intelligence work

In 1963, it was decided to employ women in the Egyptian General Intelligence. Salah Nasr made this decision after finding all the intelligence services in the world using sex in their work. Salah Nasr admitted that they used 100 girls, and that they were resorting to photographing them out of control and for fear of the fluctuation of their emotions in what was known as control operations. Also he admitted that some of the artists had their role. But he did not recognize the parties of sexual transcendence in the manner of the Indians.




Salah Nasr negotiates with his lawyer during his trial


Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser ordered the arrest of Salah Nasr and brought him to trial, and convicted him in the case of perversion of intelligence, with imprisonment for 15 years and a fine of 2,500 Egyptian pounds, and he was also sentenced to 25 years in the case of the conspiracy of Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer . But he did not serve the full term, as Egyptian President Anwar Sadat released him on October 22, 1974 on another list, on the occasion of Victory Day.


his death


The director of Egyptian intelligence, Salah Nasr, was on a date with a sudden health crisis. He fell into his office on the morning of July 13, 1967 , suffering from a severe blood clot in the coronary artery . That health crisis shook Salah Nasr from the depths . His private office in the General Intelligence Service, and he remained with his suffering with illness until he died in 1982 .



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