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Romantic Hausa Novel Complete

Romantic Hausa Novel Complete

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💚By miss Untichlobanty 💚




*_Ruqayya’s crush_*


Ruqayya is a friend that I met during registration,we happened to be in the same department. We have became very close because of so many things we share in common including surname.


“Gush,Ruqayya I hate chemistry especially this annoying practical” I said


Fatima! Ruqayya called while tapping my laps “don’t turn around just use a style to turn and see what I am showing you,oh my god these guys are the best there clique is soo unique, hot and sexy”


Oh my god!ouch!see the leader I can clearly see his six packs through the light shirt he is wearing”she said while butting her lower lip.

His hair style is a mwuaah!and his dressing is worth killing……


Ruky!I called because I can clearly see that she is out of her sense,I have to use my fingers to hit the back of her head before she put herself together.


“I admit that he is handsome Ruky, but he is not that hot. He has a long neck which makes him look like a chicken,pls concentrate on the practical and forget about these trees”


(I called them trees because they are tall,slim and five in number,each of them are represent a tree so when they are together I personally called them forest )


We finished our practicals and left while Ruky kept on talking and giving me earful about her crush.


I  was happy for the next few days because Ruqayya doesn’t talk about her dream man anymore. Thankful to God that my pair of ear will rest.


Unfortunately,we went to eat in cafeteria, I was having chips and egg while Ruqayya was having chips and plantain. I was enjoying my food my eye lid trying to feel the closeness of each other. And be hold!the set of trees entered the cafeteria giving an irritating and disgusting look.


‘OMG!I can’t stand this guys,they are soo irritating I think am allergic to them’ I said to my self


Ruky hugged me and she was smilling “OMG!tymah I told you this guy is hot,heart ripper and snatcher” she said


Did u notice how he eats?its so hot due to the way his pink lips moves while he chew and I can clearly see how the food moves  down his throat and………..


I did not know when I shouted KE MAYYA!(you witch!)”I said frowning my face

” Just eat your food and let me eat mine in peace!” I added given her a deadly glare which worked because she kept quiet so we ate peacefully and left.


Its Monday morning,and I was so moody due to my monthly cramps,talking is the the last thing I will want to engage my self in.


But ruky finds it the best time to disturb me about her crush, she has been blabbing which I heard non of what she was say except for the last sentence


“I had that he is popularly called layman,common tymah are u blind?he is the sexiest guy I have ever seen,pls help your besty and get his number”


I thought wasn’t hearing well so I asked her “what did u say?”


“Please tyma help me,your one and only best friend and get me his number” she repeated herself giving me her puppy eyes,i know i hate this idea and I think her request was the last thing I will want to do on earth,huh this is semi impossible.


*i know it’s too shot but don’t worry, more is coming so kindly show some love by commenting*


What do u think about this first chapter?


Miss untichlobanty 💕


17 September,2019


2 –



💚By miss Untichlobanty 💚




The man is a bitch


I have been thinking about Ruky’s request but I did not come up with any possible way to do it, so I decided to logged on Facebook to chat and ease off my stress


So many guys have been sending me friend request which I kept on declining until I get to this guy,his dp(display picture)was very beautiful so I accepted him. His name is jibril goni I chatted a little bit more before I took my shower and zoomed to dreamland(I slept)


It took me so many days to gather the courage to talk to annoying layman about ruqy’s request.I found the forest sitting on their cars disturbing the environment with there noise.


“Assalamu alaikum” I said. My eyes attached to the ground. yes I know that right now I look like a fool but what could I do my best friend put me in this whole mess


He smirked before he answered.”can you please give me two minutes?I asked


His smirk widens “I hope you are not in love with me too”He said.


Oh my God help me,I wanted to strangle layman so hard that he will forget his name but I just smile and composed my self.


He stood up and gave me a stupid look “what do you want babe?”


“I don’t want to bother you,but I have to. A friend of mine has a crush on you and she…wants your number” I said.


He just started laughing,hmm like seriously? What’s there to laugh about? Do I look like a fool?may be not just a fool but…..


“Just go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush,tell me you want my number malama” he said


“I don’t have a pen” I opened my bag and gave him one he gave me a nasty look “I don’t have a sheet of paper”I gave him too. Bend down lemme right on your back because I have no where to write on


His friends bursted out laughing hilariously,I was seeing double due to anger.


I dropped my pride and ego as a female but he just disgraced me,he decided to hurt me. So I left immediately.


You are messing with the wrong girl layman I will give you the bitter of your own taste,I will give you what you deserve when the right time come.


I cried my heart out that day ,ruky kept calling but I never mustered the courage to pick it up because I know she will be asking me on how far I have gone with her request.


I started avoiding ruky but we eventually have to meet because we are in the same department.


So we met in CSC class and she enquired about the number but lied to her saying layman promised to give me the number because I bumped into him when I went to buy fura and I my phone was at the hostel


She was so happy,so very happy as if I told her that he said he loved her,my heart felt sour I can’t disappoint her I just can’t hurt her feelings so I decided that I will try again.


That’s how the day ended with boring and annoying lecturers that kept on giving assignments and quizzes especially our physics lecturer malam tanko from Zaria,huh lecturers and there annoying stuffs


*So how was this chapter ? do u like it ? kindly comment and share with your friends that Is what gives me strength to keep on going. Love u all 💋*


Your favorite girl


Miss untichlobanty💕


19 September, 2019






*_The Mystery Guy_*


I have been avoiding layman and he knows that I am avoiding him, so he is finding different ways to irritate and annoy me.


I remembered how he stood at our lecture venue entrance to prevent me from entering but I ignored him


Today I was about to enter our class at NB(new building) when I had people screaming snake! Snake kafa me naci ban baki Ba I ran as if I was on Olympic track only to realized that it was the forest, they were having fun.


They pointed at me before they started laughing again, I  narrowed my eyes giving them a deadly glare before eying them for the last time and left.


After the lecture ,I went back to the hostel to cool off by chatting with jibril the mystery guy.


He keeps me company especially when layman irritates me, treats me like a baby even though we only chat,but he is so nice and cool,I like his company




Oh my god!👀 so this guy prays?layman just came out of the masjid (mosque) with a smile radiating his face


He looks handsome may be I should talk to him now he seems to be holy and Godly..


Hi! I said. He bluntly looked at me then close is eyes weirdly and ask what do you want?


I was hurt!deeply hurt!what does he think of himself?I have to forced a smile outta my lips and answered “your number”. He heaved a sigh.” you have to admit you don’t have class because you left the other day full of rage I thought you will never talk to me.


I was already turning red and he added “wow!I love seeing this side of you. You will leave now and come back later begging for my number like a dog


I decided to put my self together


“Thank your lucky stars I am in a good mood today” he said


He pointed at a chair across where were standing “bring me that chair because I can’t give you while standing” he said arching a brow


I huffed and started cat walking he shouted”you have 1 minute 60 seconds (that’s 2 mins right?why can’t he be straight forward for ones,jerk!)


He sat on the chair before handing me his useless complementary card.


I felt like stabbing him for calling me a dog,I hissed and eyed him one last time before I left coz my heart has started to accelerate due to anger rising inside me.


I have gotten what I wanted so when I went back to hostel I said Bismillah, jumped to my bed,logged on Facebook and chat with jibril which I believe we are already falling for each other. How sweet😍


The next morning,I woke up so happy feeling lighthearted all the heaviness and nervousness is gone


I went to class with a beautiful smile plastered on my face. when I sighted Ruky I went to her and hugged her


“Baby girl your dream has come true”she was confused and lost. What happen Zahra?any good news?was it about our statistics test?what’s my score?just tell me already am curious ”


I handed her the complementary card with LAYMAN boldly written on it


Actually layman is weird same is his complementary card. its only his name and number written on it he doesn’t do any job nor business but he has a complementary card,I wonder where that shit!name originated  from. Anyway who cares.


Ruky screamed and hugged me,she even kissed me which made some of our course mate’s attention came to us. She murmured a little apology before the lecturer came in and lecture commenced


Sha was so happy and I was happy that I made her happy too


Later that day I went to photocopy some handouts but they were not around so I entered sat down waiting for them. Behold comes in layman to photo,he saw me when he entered and so he gave me a devilish smile


I think I have a new name for layman “IFRIT”


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Miss untichlobanty💕


20th September, 2019.







💚By miss Untichlobanty 💚




_*Not tough*_


See who is here! He said his devilish smile widening.

He came close to my face and whispered into my ear are you scared?


I pushed him and yelled “what the heck do u think are?” Damn it!my eyes are fuc**ng up because I could not control my tears


“Oh!ts ts ts so you are not as tough as you always try to prove you are,wanna give a call to momma cry cry baby?”he said as he continued laughing




His phone started ringing, he picked it and he was like….


Hello!……who is this?……Ruqayya bashir?…….I don’t know who you are or what you want but I have a piece of advice for you don’t call me again.


I know that it was ruky and I was very sad with the way this IFRIT treats my best friend


We heard a knock on the door Alhamdulillah (thank God) I was safe IFRIT opened the door and in came the shop owner while I find my way out of the shop not after stopping at the door way and calling him IFRIT


Yeah I could clearly see a fierce glint in his eyes as i quickly ran for my life


I entered the class took my bag and head off to hostel while ruky quickly tailed behind me


Tyma!are you crying? What happened zahrah?


” nothing I think something  entered my eyes,it hurts but dont worry it has came off”I said


“Are you sure” Rukky ask”yeah”I replied


She left for the other lecture she has which I don’t offer and I manage to go back to the hostel,took cornflakes, had bath and slumped on my bed to take a nap


I grabbed my device and logged on Facebook which has became part of my daily activities


Zahra,Enough of chatting I wanna call to hear your voice and eventually see you— JIBRIL


Jibril I know,and I want to see you too but I think it too early,and there is somethings I want to sort out—ZAHRA


OK,i understand take all the time you need—JIBRIL


I have not seen IFRIT since after that day and I am happy about it


Days are going so fast, we are already done with our examinations and I went back to yola missing my Ruky,we shed tears,hug each other. It was such an emotional moment.


“Zarah!oh zahrah!”huh I don’t know when my mom will stop calling me with her Pakistan accent


Maama!main araha hoon(I am coming)


Get your things ready we are going to Faisalabad, Pakistani for your cousins wedding


This people love celebration by the way I miss my dadi(grandmom)




We went to Pakistan. OMG!this family is huge not to talk about it now that there is wedding,I hugged my dadi and wait for the annoying greeting session to end.


“The  henna ceremony will commence soon” said one of my maternal aunties


Damn it!I haven’t rest and they are talking about henna ceremony. I had to change with the help of Firdausi my cousin too.


Goodness! This clothe is too revealing and am not use to wearing it. I am not comfortable in it because my lower tommy could be seen,and my veil is transparent so you can see my long hair. The top is too small and as for the skirt the whole family could hide inside it.WELL I THINK THE TAILOR IS INSANE .


*I went out of my room and I think I just saw layman could he be the one?*


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Love you all


Miss untichlobanty💕





💚By miss Untichlobanty 💚






I have been looking for layman but couldn’t find him,and people were dragging me allover trying to get me to sit so that the henna will be design on my palms at first I kept on rejecting but gave up with time.


Finally, the hectic event is over,so I went to find sanctuary in my room.

I entered the shower to cool off and wrapped my self in a towel that barely covered my thigh,and could feel the drop of water on my shoulder because I washed my hair.


I began to play with my hair when suddenly I saw layman on my bed through the mirror. My eyes widen as I quickly turned and looked at him he was smiling at me.


He quickly paced up and grabbed me before I could go back to the bathroom. What I was seeing in his eyes is something I cannot continue staring at. I was getting scared.


“Why do you keep running zahrah? Maybe destiny has something for us in stuck. He turned me to face him and I stood there like a statue with my eyes closed listening to what he was saying. I am in towel so I should be shy.


He moved me closer to his broad body tightening his gripped.


He just kissed my forehead! OMG!I can’t stand,my joints are weak. His touch sent tingles across my skin,I am enjoying this.


I quickly matched his leg with my feet,hanging my hands around his neck.I can’t decode the message he was sending down my spine.


Layman is tall,damn tall!I could feel his breath drizzling on my ears,neck and nose for only god knows how long. I was when he got hold of my lips then tongue as he kissed me so good!


I can’t believe I was good at kissing. I have never kissed anyone……




“Oh common zahrah come out we are waiting” Firdaus said after knocking on my door.


WAIT!is this all a dream?

What the hell is happening with me?

Why will I dream about the person I hate the most?I even left the country for him.

Am I betraying ruky for having a dream like this?


My tummy grumbled as I stepped out of my bed,I wonder why layman’s thought kept monopolizing my mind.

What do I do to keep myself busy and stop thinking about that jerk?aaaarrggg!I hate me.


I went down stairs to meet Firdaus and Firdaus talked non stop,so I decided to chat a little on Facebook. Jibril is not online, so I dropped my number for him and went off.


I was just sick of Pakistan and wanted to go home,my tummy remixed me that I haven’t had anything.


I went to the kitchen to find something to eat when I heard a voice. Its sultan’s,the being I admire,my cousin my crush.


His sight alone make me loose my balance and I end up messing up when he is around me.


I always try to avoid sultan and most annoying part is that he knew how his presence make me feel.


I saw him coming toward the kitchen, so I bent down to hide the little me. I had his footsteps and I was getting more nervous as he moves closer to me.


I put an extra effort of closing my eyes all to avoid him. I don’t sense any movement so I opened my eyes to find him sitting beside me his eyes fixed solely on me.


I lowered my gaze because I can’t stand looking at his handsome face.


“Zahrah I miss you”he said. I just played with my fingers,blushing while he kept staring.


ALHAMDULILLAH! I said in my mind as i my phone started ringing, this call just saved me from sultan’s torture.


I looked at him “ek minute(one minute)”I said. I was about to go when he stopped me by holding my hand,may be change his mind and let go off me.


I tried answering the call but I stared at my hand sultan held awhile ago.


It was an incoming call that found me from my lost self and I picked the call. It was jibril,for awhile I have forgotten about him.


Hello!Fatima is this you?–jibril


I smiled as if he could see me. yes I answered.


By God you have the sweetest voice Fatima—jibril


He just kept praising me that I lost track of time,I just realised that we have talked for a long time and I said bye because I was feeling sleepy.


Who do you want for zahra?


Jibril who makes her happy?

Layman who makes her tremble?

Sultan who makes her fumble?


I am waiting for your comments guys and don’t forget to vote for this chapter


Love you all 💋


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