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Sketchware Play Store Download Sketchware Create Your Own Apps

Sketchware Play Store Download Sketchware Create Your Own Apps


Sketchware Play Store








Android devices supporting 19 api and above can download and install the apk, which has an Everyone content rating.


On your smartphone, develop native Android applications.


Primary Qualities:


– Block programming from MIT that is akin to Scratch

– A visual drag-and-drop integrated development environment (IDE)

– Source code that is automatically translated (Java and XML)

– Create install files on your phone by compiling code (APK file)

– Compatible with Android Studio without any issues


An integrated development environment (IDE) for creating Android apps for mobile devices is called Sketchware.


It’s acceptable if you have no experience creating Android apps. An IDE called Sketchware uses a block language to simplify text-based code into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks.


You can use the documentation provided by Sketchware to hone your block programming skills.

and creating Android applications. Each example covers programming ideas that you can grasp by finishing the task.


Create apps visually, then launch them with a single click to build and install them immediately on your Android device. You can export your completed project and continue working on it in Android Studio or your preferred editor because the projects are entirely compatible with this IDE for PCs called Android Studio.


Obtaining Permissions:


Writing to external storage and reading from external storage To save and execute projects, this permission is necessary.


GET ACCOUNTS: This permission is necessary for Google Account login.


Disclaimer: The MIT Scratch Team, which creates the Scratch programming language and online community, had no involvement in the creation of this software. MIT owns the trademarks for the Scratch moniker and Scratch kitten.


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