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Download Sketchware Pro v6.4.0 Beta 4 Apk



What’s new?

– Updated Create project backup dialog to fit better to Sketchware.

– Support for scrolling in Build Settings and Project Configuration.

– Automatic classpath-added directory for all projects: Find it in /Internal storage/.sketchware/data/<project ID>/files/classpath/.

– AAPT2 as Resource Processor by default, and also, AAPT being removed. Its logic and binaries are still there for now.

– Custom versions of generated files, such as FileUtil.java! Just create a file in a Manager named exactly as the one you want to replace, for example FileUtil.java in Java Manager or main.xml in Resource Manager at res/layout/.

– (Under-the-hood) Speed improvements, as String#format(String, Object…) calls have been converted to + /StringBuilder + StringBuilder#append(String) in many code-generating classes.




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